15 signs you’re in your late 20s

    1. You’ve got so much better at your job, but you’re questioning whether you want to stick at your job (or even your career!) more than ever before
    2. Your weekends are more cultural affairs than they used to be, with theatre, brunch, museums and concerts making more of a regular appearance
    3. You’ve made time for hobbies and are now committed to spending some of your hard earned monies and free time regularly, to getting that little bit better
    4. You actually like at least one form of sport or exercise and might even consider yourself a (wait for it)… ‘Sporty person’. Urgh!
    5. You still party, but not like you used to – it’s not as often, it’s more focussed around certain events that interest you (music, theme) and you don’t do it to excess… Well, at least, not as much!
    6. You throw grown-up style dinner parties for your friends, you actually really enjoy cooking and get kick out of knowing what you’re doing in the kitchen
    7. You’re thinking about housing options and where you want to lay your hat for good, or you may even be buying be in the process of buying a house (ok, maybe not if you live in London!)
    8. You’ve shed a load of friends who don’t really suit who you are now
    9. You and your friends are suddenly mostly in relationships when you used to be mostly single
    10. Your Facebook feed has become a boring slideshow of endless weddings and babies, but you still don’t associate yourself with that group at all
    11. You’re going through some kind of personal crisis and questioning why you are in this job / relationship / house and feel like you’re probably too old to put up with stuff you hate, so it’s time for change
    12. You love superfoods and have experimented with being a flexitarian at least once
    13. You own more quality products now (shoes, technology, kitchenware) thank you used to in your early 20s, and it feels good
    14. You like a nice night in on the weekends, and instead of worrying what everyone’s up to like you used to, you now take pleasure in a bit of your own company
    15. When you want to, you can still behave like a kid or an unruly teen, and that’s fine too, because now you’re a grown-up and you’ve earned the right to misbehave when you want to. So THERE.