Coroico, Bolivia

After all the hustle bustle of studying in Sucre, La Paz, and the Death Road, we were feeling truly ready for some nature and relaxation, and Coroico couldn’t have fit the bill better.

A small semi tropical town perched in the mountains of the Yungas region, it felt like a hidden paradise – and the fact that we were staying in a remote, beautiful eco-reserve, a steep 20 minute walk out of town, forced us to stay put and properly unwind.

Chilling at the pool at Sol y Luna

Sol y Luna Eco-Lodge was such a beautiful place, and after staying in so many hostels, it felt like true luxury. We had our own cabins (me and Sam, India and Hannah) complete with semi-outdoor boiling hot showers, a little kitchen, and a big, well decorated, ‘earth mother’ type bedroom with a terrace out front. On our first night there, after a boiling hot shower, I slept for about 12 hours in the super comfy beds (which I think resulted in my 90+ mosquito bites I woke up with the following day, as apparently they like the heat. Oh well!) The cabins also had amazing views of the Yungas mountain range, and we spent our second night outside watching stars and drinking wine we’d smuggled from La Paz, nicely chilled in our kitchen fridge!

Travel admin in our cabin!

There was a cute restaurant on-site and we soon took to the routine of having breakfast and dinner there, treating ourselves to delicious food like chocolate and banana pancakes, waffles, homemade granola, tropical juices, big burgers and delicious sandwiches. After so much action with studying and biking, it really felt like we’d changed gear and were now on holiday! The restaurant had avocado and banana trees growing around it, and the view was incredible – out across the mountain range – which you could enjoy from one of the many hammocks around the place.

Hannah and India enjoying a delicious dinner with corked wine!

The reserve had an amazing surrounding, with hiking trails to take you around the various amenities, like 2 outdoor swimming pools (one hidden in the middle of the trail), a yoga and massage studio, a ton of incredible lookouts (with hammocks, obv), the natural spring that fed the reserve (you could drink the tap water here – hurrah!), a big swing on a tree, and lots of cool unusual tropical flowers. Sam and I spent the first day sunbathing by the second hidden pool and walking the trails (after the morning rain had cleared, during which we snuggled under the covers and watched the mist through our cabin front door!).

Hidden second pool…

On our second day, we’d planned to move on but we woke up to glorious sunshine, so we sunbathed by the pool instead and hung out in the hammocks. That evening we had our usual routine down of dinner and (corked) wine – apparently it was all corked from travelling up the hill, much to our dismay! And we all stayed in a 4-bed dorm which was beautiful (surrounded by tropical trees) and a bargain at 6 quid each (vs the 12 each for the cabins.. still not bad though compared to Argentina!)

After a few days of unwinding, we moved onto Copacabana for a jaunt on Lake Titicaca…