Mancora, Peru

This is the last entry in our blog series for Peru. To read from the start of our Peru travel journal, click here

For our last stop in Peru, we headed up to the far North, to Peru´s most popular piece of coast, Mancora. Mostly famous for its surfing, it´s a sleepy little tourist town brimming full of gringo cafes, restaurants, and a few bars on the beach. We´d heard that Mancora was super party, but as has happened often in South America, we found this to be a little of an overstatement! It basically just has a few bars! The crowd is young backbackers and ex-pats, the days are chilled, and the nights are ever-so-slightly more rowdy…

We only spent a few days there, and mostly took the time to chill out on the beach and get our sun, sea and sand fix after seeing very little coast for our 5.5 months in South America. After an initial cloudy day, the weather cleared and we fell into a comfortable rhythm of brunching, sunbathing, and boozing. Bliss!

We found an awesome cafe called Green Eggs and Ham right on the beach, that served dreamy big breakfasts with plenty of fruit, eggs, pancakes, smoothies… this quickly became our favourite and we went there 2 out of 3 mornings! They also had these INCREDIBLE hash browns, as shown in the photo…!

Town itself was pretty tiny… just a strip of restaurants and shops selling beachy stuff, but there were the standard additions of a church and a statue of South America´s liberators in gold (as always!)

There was also some pretty cool graffiti around town that we had some fun with! Police definitely seem less scary when they´re made into cartoon sea lions…

We spent most days lounging on a little bit of beach to the North of Mancora, which was a patch of sand that had been hemmed in by the tide, creating an almost private beach effect, away from the busier main strip of beach, full of hawkers and hungover suntanners!

On our last day, we decided to buy a load of cheap beers and get loaded on the beach, which was super fun! Each round of three LARGE beers cost us about 2 quid, and we burnt through our remaining Peruvian currency in style. One very drunk BBQ dinner later, we boarded a nightbus, VERY hammered, to cross the border into Ecuador…!