Montañita, Ecuador

After 6 months spent almost entirely inland, we were chomping at the bit for some coastal chill time, and Montanita sure did deliver on that front.

A globally renowned surfer town (with some aaaawesome swells, duuuude), the dusty little coastal gem is all Jamaica-vibed, dread-locked, board-shortsy and laid back, and crusties and surfers alike spend their days wafting around in a haze of weed, sun, sand and endless snacking. 

We spent a week there on a super-chilled long term campsite (a bargainous $6 a night for both of us!) where we lazed about in hammocks, and quickly set into a rhythm of waking, baking, breakfast pancakes/fruit salad and granola, beach, delicious cheap lunch with some local seafood/ceviche/octopus (and meat for Sam), beach, delicious cheap dinner, and eating the best caramel donuts EVER, whilst watching some films in our tent. We did briefly venture out into town on a Saturday night to see what all the fuss was all about (the town’s famed for its partying) but we found it all a bit Magaluf-y in vibe, so quickly retreated back into our cosy tent cave. 

The weather was a bit cloudy/uninspiring at first, so we hung around the first few days just waiting for some proper sunshine, then when it came, we found it hard to leave! Time seemed to just melt away on the pretty surfer-filled beach and the chilled, friendly lanes.  We were also slicing our daily spend in half (or more!) so it was a no-brainer to stay there for a while pre-Galápagos.

So after a lethargic, relaxing week of beach-bumming we inched our way an hour down the coast to tiny coastal fishing village, Puerto Lopez…