Nha Trang, Vietnam

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Nha Trang is a weird place, that feels like it’s sold its soul to tourism… specifically, Russian tourism. Menus and signs are translated into Russian (rather than English); there are Russian people everywhere; people spoke to us in Russian (assuming we were!) At first we thought the coastal town was pretty nice, as there are pretty mountains surrounding the beach, and fairly tasteful development… kind of like a budget Miami. But on further inspection, we found there to be few local restaurants or bars, and essentially just a lot of tasteless, overpriced, flashy Western-oriented places.

We only spent a couple of days there as a stop-over between the North and nearby Dalat, and we basically just spent time on the beach (scorching in the 30 degree heat!), and eating (overpriced) pretty basic, watered down Vietnamese food.

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On an up note, we did find an INCREDIBLE bahn mi, bought from some cute young Vietnamese entrepreneurs on a street stall. It was a veggie one, but with ALL the trimmings – scrambled egg, with fresh chilis, coriander, papaya salad, pate and all the crunchy veg. They were so good, we had them for lunch and then for bus snacks!

So, onto our penultimate Vietnamese location – pretty, European-inspired Dalat!