Palomino, Colombia

A nice enough beach location, Palomino was, in all honesty, a bit of a disappointment and a classic example of a Lonely Planet oversell. Described as a kind of idyllic off-the-tracks getaway with a stunning beach, instead we found a tiny little dirt-road town with an average beach and a sea too dangerous to swim in. 

Kicking ourselves for trading in Tayrona for this, but equally happy to be out of the park and back in civilisation ( = access to electricity, reliable showers and restaurants we could afford) we made the most out of our time here by finding an awesome hostel to stay in and really relaxing for a few days, making a couple of new friends along the way.

We stayed in a super swank hostel with a pool that would’ve cost us 35,000 Colombian pesos per night (or 7 quid) but they let us camp there for 10,000 (a bargainous 2 pounds!) and for that we could also swim in the pool, use the nice showers, pick mangoes from the trees, chill in the hammocks and enjoy the luxurious surroundings.



We spent a chilled couple of days there hanging out with an American/German couple who were holidaying for their joint ma/paternity leave (go progressive Germany!) and their cute kids, talking about travelling (and travelling with children… looked PRETTY fucking difficult!) and sharing beers in hammocks (with the baby monitor on standby)

‘Town’ (one long road) had some nice cheap local restaurants and bakeries on, so we enjoyed some cheap local fish and meats, and tried some foods on our ‘still to try’ list for Colombia, like the famous breakfast arepa (cornmeal pancake) … and more delicious juices and guava-based bakery goods.

We ventured onto the beach on a couple of days, but with the searing heat, minimal shade, and terrifyingly strong current (it pulled Sam out within a matter of minutes!) we didn’t last longer than a morning before retiring to the tempting comfort of pool and hammocks.

With a little more time in Colombia before our flight to Asia, and after bumping into some old travel buddies from the Galapagos who highly recommended it, we decided our next little jaunt would be in Colombia’s adventure capital San Gil…!