Puerto Montt, Chile

Back in Chile! Woo! The bus journey back over the border was pretty lol.. the first time we’ve crossed a border on a bus (not hitchhiking) and it was quite an ordeal. Added a good couple of hours to the journey, and it was super thorough. All bags off the bus, lined up, and a sniffer dog went up and down bags sniffing out anything suspect (which includes any fresh or animal derived products for entering Chile, with pretty steep fines if anything’s found!) The Chilean officer was really funny while searching our bags though, with his opener being ‘you guys have any marajuana? heroin? cocaine?’, miming along with snorting, injecting movements as he went! We made it through ok, and even managed to smuggle some cheese and ham in by hiding it on the bus!

Portside at Puerto Montt

We arrived late, but our B&B owners were absolutely lovely about it. We had to wake up the ‘dad’ of the house, who looked to be in his 70s, at about 11pm, but he walked us down to the 2nd house we were staying in where ‘mum’ Corina gave us a warm welcome, and there were some middle aged Chilean folk sitting round watching TV and were very chatty and welcoming. The house was freshly decorated inside, and we were ecstatic to be staying in a hotel-standard room with brand new bathroom!

Angelmo, a fishing district in Puerto Montt

Puerto Montt is another town that the LP advises that you miss/travel through, but we really liked it. There was a cheap food/clothes market in town, lots of cheap diners selling ‘comida rapida’ (fast food), a beautiful little bay in an area called ‘Angelmo’ where they also had a fresh fish market selling huge pieces of smoked salmon (the area is famed for its salmon fishing), and of course, the obligatory craft market!

We bought our first mate cup and a bombilla (straw) and also sampled some delicious food. The aforementioned fast food… Chileans basically love putting avocado and tomato on everything, so we had a steak sandwich with those toppings (a ‘churrasco italiano’), a huge portion of chips, and some chicken with chips, and a litre of beer for about 9 quid. Felt good to be back in Chile!

We finally bought yerba mate!

It was pretty cloudy/spotty weather while we were there, so we decided against trying to climb Volcan Osorno as the visibility was terrible, and it was better accessed by our next town, Puerto Varas…

A cloudy Puerto Montt, with the base of Volcan Osorno JUST ABOUT visible!